Your Guide To Mindful Moments by Alexandra Dudley

Alexandra Dudley is a sustainable-cooking advocate and is renowned for her love of food that satisfies your taste buds. Working alongside Whole Foods Market buying team, Alexandra has identified her favourite Summer products that contain ingredients to boost general wellbeing from the inside out.

1. Shot Stuff, Pure Earth text I love picking up these little shots when I’m feeling fragile or after exercise as they contain ginger and high-in-curcumin turmeric. I do a mix of drinking them straight up when I’m on the go or blending them with hot water for a fragrant infusion. It’s a quick way to give your wellbeing a bit of a boost as ginger and turmeric supports digestive health and they are delicious!

2. Organic Mushroom Coffee Mix, Four Sigmatic text Alternative coffee is having its moment. This coffee mix by Four Sigmatic contains new and unique ingredients, including mushrooms. This makes for a nice change to my caffeine routine, I love the balance of coffee and mushrooms. This ingredient is booming in general at the moment, with Whole Foods Market UK stores seeing a growth of 26% in this area.

3. Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30, REN text I sound like my mother but ‘factor 30’ always! It’s easy to think that the sun doesn’t affect our skin living in England, but the reality is that most of us are exposed much more than we think. I love the way that REN sun cream sits on my face and doesn’t make me feel greasy. This product is also not tested on animals and the packaging is made from recycled plastic.

4. The Natural Deodorant Co text I first met the Natural Deodorant Company team at a tradeshow, and I was so happy to have found a deodorant that is made without aluminum and that actually smelt nice, I bought four pots! These are made without alcohol, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil and palm oil. They are also cruelty-free and registered with The Vegan Society and come in glass jars. They are so much easier to get hold of now they are stocked at Whole Foods Market.

5. Scottish Mackerel, Fish4EVA text I am vigilant when it comes to sourcing my fish. I love the Fish4EVA’s ethos; they steer clear from intensive farming methods and thereby only use line caught fish and work directly with small fishing communities. The price is a little more than the average can of tuna which is just as it should be in my eyes. I recently discovered the Scottish mackerel and love it with lots of lemon zest and black pepper on hot toast. A little bit of fresh rocket is delicious with it too.

6. Hard Seltzer, DRTY text Hard seltzers are a bit of a new discovery for me but something I’m very much looking forward to enjoying in the summer. An alcoholic sparkling water is a lovely way to end the working day and they come in tins making them perfect for a picnic. Whole Foods Market buyers predict that these alcoholic drinks will outsell sugary ready-to-drink pre-mixed drinks by 25% this summer as the trend for such alcoholic sparkling drinks isn’t going anywhere. Must be 18 years or older. Please drink responsibly.

7. Mindful Omega-3, Bare Biology text I’ve taken fish oil since I was an early teen. I did a lot of ballet and my teacher swore by fish oil to keep us supple. The habit stuck, and as I’ve got older, I like knowing that the omega-3 essential fatty acids contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels and heart function. I use Bare Biology as their ethos is great when it comes to sourcing wild caught fish supplies, and they also donate £1 from every product sold to the charity Mental Health Mates.

8. Cold Brew, Teapigs text I would be lost without tea and love Teapigs. I’ve been a fan from the very beginning and love their mint tea and am religious about my morning cup of their Darjeeling Earl Grey. Their top-quality tea is Rainforest Alliance certified and they partner with The Ethical Tea Partnership to improve livelihoods of tea workers and smallholder farmers. Their tea bags are made from corn starch and paper instead of plastic. They have recently launched a set of cold brew teas as well which I am excited to try.

9. Kimchi, Yumchi text I am a pickle fiend and love adding pickled foods to my meals. Kimchi has a delicious subtle heat and adds a kick to even the simplest of meals. I eat it with everything from baked potatoes to toast and eggs. As kimchi is a fermented food, it is great for your digestive system and gut microbiome. Yumchi comes in a radiant radish version which is perfect when I want to mix up my flavours.

10. Organic Turmeric Powder, Whole Foods Market text I’m a big fan of getting turmeric into my diet wherever I can, whether that be in soups, stews and curries or even in my scrambled eggs. Turmeric is high in curcumin and has been historically used in Ayuvedic Medicine as a natural remedy. I always go organic when it comes to spices and love Whole Foods Market own brand.

11. Original Granola, Deliciously Ella text I love a good crunchy granola for breakfast or even for a snack later on in the day. Deliciously Ella’s original granola is delicious. It has a good dose of cinnamon and a subtle maple sweetness. I love it with cold almond milk or yoghurt and a little fruit. It is gluten and dairy-free, vegan-friendly and the packaging is 100% recyclable too.

All products are available at Whole Foods Market, the world’s leading natural and organic foods retailer. With 7 stores across London, they offer a huge range of products that lead the way in quality, specialty and vegan diets.

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